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My artistic practice delves into the intricacies of the human experience, specifically through a feminist lens. I am driven by a desire to unravel the interconnected patterns within identity, philosophy, social constructs, chaos and order, and the act of metamorphosis. I explore this through keen observations and extensive research and intuitively express subjective and broader themes connecting humanity, such as trauma, courage, oppression, mythology, freedom, autonomy, and pleasure.

Visually expressionistic, my practice encompasses oil painting, performance art/happenings (inspired by the performance art Butoh,) video and sound art, contemporary drawing and my writings. Recently, to capture the intricate details of the Goddess Persephone and her journey, as seen through a contemporary lens, I experimented with cyanotype printing ('A Return to Kore' Mine Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul), merging my skills as a painter, photographer, and performer to create life-size prints using both my body and the elements of the natural world. I continue to explore this medium to discuss the experience of 'the soul's journey' through the cycle of birth-life-death-rebirth.

My multidisciplinary approach and unwavering dedication to feminist perspectives catalyse and challenge societal norms, insisting on gender equity. Raw, honest, and expressive, my art sparks meaningful dialogues and invites viewers into the depths of the human condition and to critically examines prevailing narratives.

In recent years, my commitment to combating gender-based violence has led me to take legal action against the Icelandic state under the Istanbul Convention at the European Court of Human Rights. I currently await the outcomes of two crucial cases that have significantly influenced the themes explored in my work. These experiences have fuelled my determination to express and create diverse standpoints, particularly concerning the universality of complex issues such as post-traumatic stress and the right to defend our (women's) bodies.

To further enhance my ability to communicate such complex subjects, I have engaged in physical theatre practices and, more recently, workshops centred around 'Theatre of the Oppressed'.These immersive experiences have provided me with new tools and techniques to effectively convey to and engage with audiences interested in exploring these intricate topics.

Through my evocative artworks and commitment to feminist contemporary narrative, I strive to ignite conversations, challenge the status quo and advocate for feminine narratives to be seen and heard. By delving into the depths of the human condition, such as Jungian theories on the shadow, collective consciousness, subconscious, the Anima and Animus, I aim to inspire viewers to question dominant narratives and embrace diverse outlooks, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and equal world.

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Highly Commended artist in the 2022 Paul Guest Prize, Bendigo Gallery.

Different Versions of Self, 2022

charcoal on paper 29 x 42cm

Walker_Nara_Different Versions of Self.jpg
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Nara Walker is an internationally exhibiting artist who creates evocative works that convey the human condition from a feminist aesthetic. At times interlaying mediums, her work percolates between painting and drawing to eruptive performances, video, and sound art. 

Born in 1990, Walker spent her formative years on the unceded land of the Yugambeh people (Springbrook, Queensland), Australia. She grew up surrounded by her father's followers, who pursued him for the esoteric teachings formed by mystic and philosopher George Gurdjieff. In the isolated landscape, she experienced family violence; creativity and a deep connection to nature became her source of freedom. 

Recent commendations include Highly Commended Artist in the 'Paul Guest Prize' (2022), Bendigo Gallery, Australia. Her creative abilities have been praised since the beginning of her career, critiqued by Rex Butler in ‘The Emerging Issue, Art Monthly Australia' (2013) and as a finalist in the 'Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize' (2015, UK). Furthermore, Walker's work has been exhibited in galleries, including the renowned 'Woman Made Gallery' (2018, 2023 USA). In addition, Walker's work is a part of public collections, including 'The National Parliament Library of Tbilisi' (Georgia), ‘Uluslararasi Cocuk Universitesi’ (Turkey), 'Mine Sanat Galerisi' (Turkey) and 'Gallery City Museum of Aveiro' (Portugal).

Seeking body autonomy as a female artist, Walker is inspired to move in front of audiences. Her debut appearance as a performance artist was at the 'Venice Biennale' (2015) with her solo 'Hair Pull'; she performed a second time in the official programme at ‘Venice Art House’ with the work 'Energy String'. 'Beauty Amongst Chaos' was captured on the Turkish paper 'Milliyet' front page for her (2016) solo show at Mine Sanat Gallerisi. In 2021, Walker performed in Berlin 'Do you see the Colours in the Shadow?' with Seven Star Gallery. Her performances are informed by medium-based embodiment practices and the Japanese performance art – Butoh; she continues to build her repertoire with physical theatre and Jungian theory.

As an Alumna of Griffith University, Walker holds a BFA Honours (2013); she has completed extensive artist residency programmes across Europe, the UK, Iceland, and Georgia. Recent mentions include the Guardian profile, 'Nara Walker: the Australian woman suing Iceland', by Maddison Connaughton. Walker actively works on creating platforms for change; she is the founder of the conference 'No Woman Alone' and co-founder of the 'RVK Feminist Film Festival' (Iceland). 

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