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"I am interested in how our society uses language, how stories have been passed on and how specific narratives are continuing centuries on (for example, Medusa). “Her-story” has often been told from a perspective that is not a woman's experience. 'Cocoon Her-Story' invites audiences into a private space where the vibrations of difference in each speaker’s voices become an audible painting played on the listeners' ear, transmitting visual memory to be felt."

"I invited women from different parts of the world to share their stories about growing up as a girl, being a woman, stories of trauma and or triumph, or to share the knowledge that they wish to pass on. The process of recording their stories was to give the women who are speaking a space that was uninterrupted and without judgement. The audience can hear 11 women from as far and near to one another; countries include; South Africa, Chile, Kenya, Australia, France, The Netherlands, Poland, Canada, the USA and Iceland. Their voices create a language that can be heard in the recording as both articulated and visceral experiences."

- Nara Walker

It is advised to listen to 'Cocoon, Her-Story' in a dimly lit room with headphones. The runtime is 19.35 minutes.

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